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Kangge takes customer as guide, in line with the idea of serving the society with high quality products. We concentrate our effort in product's stability, accuracy and exquisiteness,form a complete system from design, manufacture, sale to service.


Production workshop

Advanced equipment and sophisticated technology bring us good products, Years of experience make us acutely aware that “Scientific was the first productivity”. To expand the scale of enterprise development and productivity, Kangge introduced advanced high-tech equipment.


Qualification honors

The implementation of standardized production is the basic requirements of the company's production process, the product development, raw material selection, processing and transportation, the whole process of use strictly according to the relevant standards.


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Electricity Larceny Prevention

Isolate structure for Incoming room, meter room and outgoing room; fully transparent upper cover; Triple interlock of Anti-theft bolt, seal and padlock to prevent unauthorized opening

More Secure

Casing insulation, touchable conductor is not exposed, all tix parts are protected inside the box, Raw material from tirst well-known international brands,Double-sided design, inclined down 45 degree, waterproof ventilation window heat dissipation, outlet switch room comply with IP34

Easy Management

Various management functions are set up on the box meet many management pattecns and installation of metering box smart opening management system,Reset button on the upper cover of the box,achieve Man-machine separation

High Capacity

Our meter box can incorporate up to 16 meters can be expanded to incorporate 20 meters, t can meet wiring requirements for 10MM2 cooper core power line as well as to install outgoing switch for RCCB


Adopt new environmental friendly PC casting molded by single time,which is with high insulation, good transparent, anti-uv, anti-aging, acid rain resistance, salt spray resistance, high/low temperature resistance, shock resistance etc.


The contcol components are concentrated in the control box or outgoing switch room. Client side maintenance is no need to open the seal, Upper cover of the box could be opened or removed through moving hinge by 180 degree.


Wall to wall design tor box can realize random joint of multi-functional box, to expand installation capacity and increase function and meet customer's request about high-level configuration about meter box.

Flush Mounting

Built-in hinge, upper cover is open at 180 degrees without interference from the wall,This can meet the requirement about flush mounting, and turther reduce the requirement of the meter box for space while installation.

Beautiful Appearance

Advanced industrialdesign concept is used in the design of box appeacance, Plan the space in the box with integrated design thinking, These will make our meter box a handicraft with decorating function.

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