Single Phase E- Meter Box Auxiliary Protection Or Repetitive Protection
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     Single Phase E- Meter Box Household electricity installation, there must be a total switch, the home inside the electrical equipment abnormalities or the need for power outages, the timely pull knife. Now the home power supply department management of the distribution box has been installed in the main switch (the user can close or disconnect themselves), indoor installation commonly used multi-loop wiring,Single Phase E- Meter Box the circuit has a separate circuit breaker (air switch) Protection, the main switch has been lost meaning, there is no need to install a master switch. But the user according to the distribution box has the equipment, design their own installation program.

      1, low-voltage circuit breaker (air switch): low-voltage circuit breaker at the same time with overload protection and short circuit protection, automatic trip after closing or wait for a moment to continue to supply power, and more reliable, so the home switch,Single Phase E- Meter Box Circuit breakers are preferred; low-voltage circuit breaker shortcomings of the structure is complex, short circuit protection and overload protection may be invalid, when there is no direct disconnect point, can not be used as maintenance switch.

      2, leakage protector, the family circuit if the installation of a qualified leakage protector, not only to protect people's electric shock safety, and can basically prove that your home appliances and lines are normal, there is no serious leakage phenomenon.

      Home installation of the leakage protector should pay attention to the installation of a leakage protection device is not equal to foolproof, even a good quality leakage protector can not guarantee reliable trip, leakage protection device is designed to trip the size of the leakage current, technically There is a certain accuracy, but the electric shock on the human injury is the same,Single Phase E- Meter Box the same current, different people, different time and place, different environments and other injuries to people is not the same; the same current, for some people May feel a little feeling, for some people will be surprised, for some people will be fatal danger, so the leakage protector can only be an auxiliary protection or repeated protection, can not be used as home protection against electric shock.

      The main protection of household electricity is to rely on a reliable grounding device to achieve, ordinary people no one to touch the wires and electrical conductors, and even insulated wire will not go to the touch, but washing machines, refrigerators and other electrical appliances often have to contact, If the leakage, the risk is large, so the metal shell of the household appliances must use qualified three-wire plug, grounding and socket grounding very closely connected to the possible leakage into the earth, to protect personal safety.

      In addition, not every family can be in the bus on the leakage of electrical protection, old houses and old appliances, the possibility of leakage, the new house kitchen, bathroom, façade and the top floor, and sometimes flooding, lines through these Lot or switch socket in the wet area, may leak tripping.

      3, leakage protection circuit breakers, air switches and leakage circuit breakers together, is the leakage protection circuit breakers, which is a more perfect protection of electrical appliances, leakage protection, overload protection and short circuit protection,Single Phase E- Meter Box is a high standard housing, luxury housing And the town residents of high-grade housing preferred switch. Living in these houses, the use of electrical appliances, installation of materials, processes are high-grade, the opportunity to leak less housing, the overall electrical insulation level to be higher, not easy to cause leakage protection circuit breaker trip.

Second and third principles

      "Three principles" is an important principle of home decoration, but also an important principle of laying the family line, three sex is "security", "practical" and "decorative."

      Household electricity, whether it is the use of electrical appliances, the laying of the line, first of all to ensure that the "security", improper use of energy sources, equipment aging and all kinds of unexpected factors can not be sure, may form a loss of life and property. For safety, there is no absolute,Single Phase E- Meter Box even if it is in line with national standards of the product, may also be due to various causes of electricity accidents. High-quality household electrical products, all aspects of performance are generally much higher than the national standard to provide customers with a higher safety factor, to maximize the avoidance of accidents. In the material or electrical appliances to achieve "safety" on the basis of the installation quality, quality of use, maintenance quality is very important, any link below the standard, is a potential risk, at any time may occur security incidents.

      The practicality of household electricity, whether it is home appliances selection, switch selection and location selection, etc., should consider the practicality, the line section to consider the margin, power outlet, TV socket, computer socket, etc., according to the family in recent years may Change, layout in the most likely to change the location, can not be chaotic, but not the more the better.

      On the basis of "safety" and "practicality", "decorative" has also become the focus of attention. In the living environment within the visual appearance of a variety of electrical products,Single Phase E- Meter Box if not integrated in the entire family environment style, often become a flush of interior decoration. In particular, the number of panel switches, sockets, etc., the inherent quality, appearance of the beautiful, the choice of location and so are very important, the best way to achieve the maximum harmony and unity, so that all the switches and sockets into the room Of the finishing touch.

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