Energy Measuring Terminal Block The Better The Metal Effect
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     Energy Measuring Terminal Block   is to determine the impact of a person, the same thing, one thing or the environment on the influence of the electromagnetic field can be used to select the food, plant or soil and the human body's energy, because it is borrowed electromagnetic field fluctuations To measure the accuracy of the people to see the energy to see the conductor itself, the energy field is not strong enough, the muscles enough to relax, the mind is not able to quiet down, quiet down without much interference. The tools used can only be judged by the strength of your fingers, the arm, or the direction of the rotation and the number of turns of the metal chain, and now the method of measuring the energy of the metal chain.

      Beginners are best to choose a light chain, the more conductive metal effect is better, but any metal can be, the top of the chain can hang a weight of things, such as crystal ball, but not very important, will be measured things on the plane The table, with the usual hand to easily hold the hand, it is best hanging on the index finger, by the thumb gently press, then stop and let the chain to turn their own, the direction of rotation there are three possible, that is, clockwise (Right) rotation, counterclockwise (left) rotation, before and after swing back or not move.

      Clockwise direction that phase or positive answer, if it is measured the same food or environmental energy, then the number of turns until the automatic stop, the more the number of laps, the greater the better; if it is counterclockwise direction, it is Phase or negative answer, the same, such as measuring the number of laps until the number of laps to stop, the more the number of laps, the greater the representative of the more bad; back and forth swing that neutral, not good or bad, the possibility of moving is not good or nothing Bad energy, or measured the muscles are not enough to relax, the gas field is too weak, but should pay attention to our minds have not quiet down, regardless of the surface consciousness or subconscious, that its good and bad will also affect the direction of the chain.

      At the beginning of the measurement, you can first use some familiar things to do comparison, such as fruit and sugar, tap water and filtered water, etc. Experienced surveyor accuracy can be quite high in the West, some experienced people or used to find water, oil The source, the missing thing or the bad part of the judgment machine, etc. I know a woman she can judge the cause of the body, including the cat, the dog, and the method of measuring the system because of her high accuracy, Wait three months before she can turn to help.

      Learn to use a lot of Energy Measuring Terminal Block  , to buy food can be measured from the fertile soil, those from chemical fertilizers, pesticides cultivated soil, is that. Organic also have the level of differences, some have never used fertilizer soil, some in recent years began to disable, many pesticide residues after 20 years can not be completely eliminated, DDT is an example.

      In general, there are pesticide residues in the fruits and vegetables are counterclockwise turn, chemical additives and processed foods and processing sea salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, etc., are also measured when the energy counterclockwise turn, and again, we eat organic Brown rice after the stomach gas, after the measurement found that the energy is counterclockwise, because the organic food market demand increases, sometimes quality food to enter the market, if people can buy things to use energy to distinguish, it is not easy Deceived

      The method of Energy Measuring Terminal Block   can be used to answer questions in question, clockwise answer, counterclock answer; if you want to choose a different decision or method, you can write these options on paper, with the chain test, the maximum number of forward rotation is the most Good choice, the reverse is not corresponding; in addition to measuring the energy of food or herbs, but also can be measured with their own degree of fit, first do not take the chain hand holding things to be measured, One hand the chain on the back of the hand, measuring the direction of rotation for their own clockwise, not suitable for their own counterclockwise.

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