Waterpoof Junction Box Waterproof Performance
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     Water resistance is an important indicator of the performance of the Waterpoof Junction Box . Certification test, the first aging pretreatment test, and then anti-flushing test, and then through the appearance of structural inspection and frequency withstand voltage test to judge. The test can pass smoothly, depending on the degree of sealing protection of the Waterpoof Junction Box , and the seal protection of the Waterpoof Junction Box  directly affects the protection of the finished component and the level of leakage protection. With regard to the conventional construction of the Waterpoof Junction Box , its design and material defects have been revealed in the certification test no doubt.

      The main phenomenon of failure of the Waterpoof Junction Box  anti-flushing test can be divided into the following:

      ⑴, Waterpoof Junction Box  sealed box body a lot of water;

      ⑵, Waterpoof Junction Box  box and the backplane material does not match;

      ⑶, the Waterpoof Junction Box  sealing nut cracking failure;

      ⑷, the Waterpoof Junction Box  in the aging pretreatment test box deformation;
      ⑸, the Waterpoof Junction Box  seal ring aging pretreatment test failure, or other reasons.

      Through the analysis of the failure phenomenon in the above test process, the following reasons are obtained: (1) The locking design of the box: The design of the buckle is the main reason leading to the failure of the test. Two buckle mode makes the cover force concentrated in two points, plus a large area of the lid, resulting in the remaining points of the force is very uneven. Especially at high temperatures, the rest of the points by the ring thermal expansion, the material affected by heat and soft, resulting in the Waterpoof Junction Box  of the mouth, affecting the box of the seal, which failed in the IP65 waterproof test Waterpoof Junction Box  waterproof test deformation after a large number of products Water1)

      In addition, the Waterpoof Junction Box  after 240 hours of aging test, although the seal did not fall off, but the box, the lid has a variant, will also affect the box of the seal.

      (2) improper selection of rubber material for Waterpoof Junction Box  seals:

      Due to the choice of sealing material is not suitable, in the Waterpoof Junction Box  after 240 hours aging pretreatment test, its elongation and shrinkage decreased, the seal material hardness increases, reducing the box and the lid of the sealing performance, resulting in sealing Can not completely seal the box and the cover of the slot, resulting in water infiltration, anti-flushing test failed.

      (3) Waterpoof Junction Box  box Plastic and solar module sealant After aging pretreatment test, the adhesive fails.

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