Waterpoof Junction Box Carry Out Maintenance And Maintenance Work
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     Waterpoof Junction Box Door starters are basically installed outdoors, due to frequent wind and rain and sun exposure, door starter main structure and components will be damaged due to corrosion or deformation, the relevant electrical components and equipment will be easy Aging, which will not only affect the gantry crane efficiency, more likely to cause accidents in the work of accidents, therefore, you need to often on the gantry crane maintenance and maintenance work.

First, the maintenance of gantry crane institutions

      The performance and life of the gantry crane are largely dependent on lubrication. First of all, check the crane hook and wire rope to see if there is broken wire, cracks, serious corrosion, and its cleaning and lubrication. Second, it is necessary to check the pulley block, reel and pulley every month to determine whether the crack, and the platen bolts and reel base bolts are tightened. When the reel shaft wear degree of about 5%, should be replaced; wheel groove wall wear up to 8% and internal wear to 25% of the wire rope diameter, should be replaced. Also, always check the reducer bolts to determine the tightening.

Second, the gantry crane transmission maintenance

      Waterpoof Junction Box In the maintenance and maintenance of the gantry starter, pay special attention to the inspection of the motor, prevent the water or oil when rotating, but also ensure that the motor's hole and junction box waterproof performance is good, but also to ensure that the motor To be used at a power source higher than the rated voltage of 85%. When the season alternately, for the gearbox to replace the oil, the general summer use HL30 gear oil, winter use HL20 gear oil. In this process need to pay attention to the gear box will often appear oil spill situation, therefore, in the gear box to add lubricating oil, to ensure that its good sealing at the same time, but also properly operated to avoid excessive oil And the firmware does not tighten the situation occurred, it is best to set the ventilation cover on the oil hole cover, to maintain the internal pressure balance between the gearbox, will effectively prevent the gearbox oil leakage. In addition, but also on the wheels to make cracks to make judgments, usually using hammer percussion method, and also to check the wheel rolling surface, the degree of wear can not reach 10%, wheel rim can not reach 55%, matching the drive wheel Diameter error can not exceed 0.1% of nominal diameter, once more than to be given to adjust or replace.

Third, the gantry crane track maintenance

      Waterpoof Junction Box In the maintenance of the gantry crane track, it will often use the hammer percussion method to check the track and track fixing bolts are cracks and loosening. In addition, the northern city of the gantry crane maintenance, it is necessary to regularly remove the snow on the track to prevent the snow on the track erosion or rust damage. And every year to track the crane track to ensure that the track directly to the span error is not greater than 3mm, the height error of not more than 3mm, and by checking the data to determine whether the track appears sinking phenomenon.

Fourth, the maintenance of metal components

      Waterpoof Junction Box First of all, the main force of the gantry crane to conduct a detailed inspection, because these parts are more concentrated due to the force, it is easy to damage, so the need for key checks, such as: the connection between the legs and the main beam, Part, the connection between the leg and the beam, and so on. In addition, because the metal components are often exposed to the outside, so you need to rust every year, and brush on the new paint, which can effectively extend the life of metal components. At the same time, if the degree of corrosion of metal components to 10% of the need to give scrapped, and the main beam span of 1% of the time, you can try to repair, if not to be scrapped.

Fifth, the maintenance of electrical components and lines

      Waterpoof Junction Box In the maintenance of electrical components and lines, the electrical switch at any time to clean up the dust, to ensure good contact with the line, to avoid the phenomenon of short-circuit crane crane normal work. And the contactor of the most frequent frequency, directly affected by the working frequency of the crane, so you need to ensure that the contactor contact smooth and clean, so as to be more flexible and reliable; at the same time, but also to determine the crane controller stalls clearly visible, Flexible operation, more reliable operation; In addition, but also to ensure that the crane motor and electronic control equipment connected between the normal connection, and to ensure that the electronic control equipment to tighten the grounding bolts, problems should be replaced. Finally, the crane wire metal pipe to be regularly checked to see if there is corrosion, and its paint, to prevent the expansion of corrosion, it is best to do the appropriate measures to prevent rain, only to avoid the occurrence of corrosion.

Six other aspects of the maintenance and maintenance of gantry cranes

      Waterpoof Junction Box As the gantry crane is a very large use of large-scale mechanical equipment, therefore, in the daily maintenance and repair process to check the situation of various limit devices to ensure that a good working condition can be maintained; at the same time, to ensure that the crane Of the baffle and safety guards of the intact, which is to protect the operator's personal safety and effective means, so need to strengthen the attention; In addition, but also to ensure that the crane a variety of safety signal light reliability of the work, these auxiliary equipment is able to guarantee Work on the basis of normal, but also for the maintenance and maintenance work provides a good condition to improve the efficiency of gantry crane is of great help.

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