Single Phase E- Meter Box Flexible Operation, Reliable Contact
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     Into the household distribution box threading, wiring model standard practice
      First, the material requirements:
      Single Phase E- Meter Box The construction unit shall strictly implement the materials specified in the procurement department. Material into the field, according to product standards on the appearance of its on-site inspection, at the same time by the same brand, with the batch of not less than two specifications to witness the sampling, commissioned a qualified test unit re-test, qualified before use.

Second, the threading conditions:
      1. In order to ensure the safety of finished products, civil doors and windows installed to complete;
      2. The box is installed and the meter box is installed.
      3. Threading, according to the specification requirements for color, into the box of the length of the wire for the box circumference of two-thirds, the power line in the main switch on the same side, according to the actual situation. Each wiring of the distribution circuit into the box, the label must be marked with its name, use, wiring with each power switch switch one by one correspondence.

Third, the installation wiring:
      Single Phase E- Meter Box After the threading is completed, the wiring can be installed and worked on the wall. Before installation, first clean up the garbage inside the box, then the switch and its base installed in the bottom of the box, then the zero line terminal block, ground terminal block installed, and then wiring. Wiring must be done on a generous basis:
      1. Then straighten the wire, straighten, not showing the phenomenon of bending, and then grouping, hierarchical alignment;
      2. According to the principle of vertical and horizontal alignment to the switch, PEN row, PE row;

Fourth, the quality requirements:
      1, the distribution system of the device frequency, parameters and performance indicators consistent with the design drawings.
      2, in addition to wall-mounted air conditioning socket other socket circuit should be set to operate the current is not greater than 30mA, the action time is not greater than 0.1s residual current protection device, the remaining current protection should be simulated action test.
      3, loop function logo complete, accurate.
      4, wire color separation meet the requirements, wiring neatly, no twisting, the wire does not hurt the core, continuous shares, terminal wiring no more than two. PE trunk directly connected with the PE row, PEN line and PE line, respectively, by the bus array with.
      5, wire connection close.

      Fifth, the finished product protection: the panel can not be contaminated.

Six modules:
      Indoor switch, socket installation model standard practice
      First, the material requirements:
      1, the construction unit to strictly enforce the provisions of the Ministry of procurement of a set of materials for the B. Materials into the field, according to product standards on the appearance of its line of inspection, at the same time by the same brand, with the batch of not less than two specifications to witness the sampling, commissioned by qualified testing units re-test, qualified before use.
      2, switches, sockets specifications must meet the design specifications, and product certification. And "CCC" certification mark.

Second, the process model standards:
Proof of the reserved box of the seat and elevation → clean the embedded box → wiring → panel installation

Third, the technical requirements:
1, concealed switch, socket panel installation allowable deviation:
      (1) parallel installation of the height difference is not greater than 0.5mm; the same room elevation deviation of not more than 5mm;
      (2) panel vertical degree of not more than 0.5mm.

2, the switch, the socket box of the wire:
      (1) switch, socket box within the line color separation phase line, that is, A phase - yellow, B phase - green, C - red, PEN - light blue, PE - yellow and green.
      (2) switch, socket box wire should be left with a certain margin, generally in control at 150mm is appropriate.
      (3) switch circuit line and phase line color.
      (4) socket wiring color separation and the corresponding location:
            [1] single-phase two-hole socket, facing the right hole or upper hole of the socket connected with the phase line, the left hole or the lower hole connected with the zero line; single-phase three-hole socket, facing the right hole of the socket and phase line connection, Left hole and zero line connection;
            [2] single-phase three-hole, three-phase four-hole and three-phase five-hole socket grounding (PE) or zero (PEN) line connected to the hole. The grounding terminal of the socket is not connected to the neutral terminal. The same place of the three-phase socket, wiring phase sequence consistent.
            [3] Grounding (PE) or zero (PEN) wires are not connected in series between the sockets.

3, panel installation:
      Panel should be close to the wall, the panel around the seamless,Single Phase E- Meter Box easy to install, smooth and clean surface, no scratches.

4, switch installation:
      (1) switch installation elevation requirements: the lower edge of the switch from the indoor floor height of 1.3m, parallel installation and installation of the same indoor switch height consistent.
      (2) switch installation Horizontal position: the door from the door to open the direction of the horizontal position should be 0.15 ~ 0.2m range. Its specific distance with the door frame should be based on the actual situation of the civil, the switch box is located in the column or the appropriate location of the wall.
      (3) the same building within the switch,Single Phase E- Meter Box should use the same series of products, switch off and off the location should be consistent, and flexible operation, reliable contact.

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