KG-SX-D101A Electric Meter Box Single Phase


SMC/DMC Single Phase 1 Gang Electric Meter Box

KG-SX types fiberglass meter box can be directly fixed on the wall, or on the electric pole,

suitable for mechanical meters, electronic meters or plug-in card meters, with RCCB, DZ47,

RC1 fuses,disconnecting switches and terminal boxes ( terminals) etc. And can be equipped 

with the padlock rain screen and magnifier. There are a big door and small door on the case, 

with disconnecting devices inside, separating the main switch from the user switch, controlled 



1. Material:  SMC / DMC                                              2. Colour: White or Customized

3. Temperature: -50°C to 160°C                                  4. Protection Level: IP65

5. Dimension (L*D*W)                                                  6. Model

   401mm*250mm*114mm                                               KG-SX-D101A (Install One Meter) 

   340mm*370mm*151mm                                               KG-SX-D201A (Install Two Meters)  

   540mm*380mm*150mm                                               KG-SX-D401A (Install Four Meters)  

   630mm*550mm*150mm                                               KG-SX-D601A (Install Six Meters)  

   610mm*700mm*150mm                                               KG-SX-D801A (Install Eight Meters)  

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