Transparent type KG4-B Series  IP67

Product Specifications:
1. Item: circuit-breaker-window-hood
2. Type: protection window, transparent contact
3. Color: Grey + Transparent 
4. Material: ABS / PC
5. Feature: Exquisite+waterproof+dustproof
6. Protection Level: IP67
7. Temperature Range: -40°C to + 80°C
8. Available Modules:
   Order Code                    Description                         
    KG0402B     circuit breaker window 2 modules  IP67
    KG0403B     circuit breaker window 3 modules  IP67 
    KG0404B     circuit breaker window 4 modules  IP67 
    KG0406B     circuit breaker window 6 modules  IP67 
    KG0408B     circuit breaker window 8 modules  IP67 
    KG0412B     circuit breaker window 12 modules IP67
    KG0413B     circuit breaker window 13 modules IP67
    KG0416B     circuit breaker window 16 modules IP67
9. Outline Dimension (mm)

10. Packing:

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